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Sunday sermon


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12-18-21 Teaching [Just made it yesterday so I thought I would add it here] 

12-18-21 teaching 


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Palscity- ccoutreach87 

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Updeed  [Connect John Chiarello]

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Social Cross- ccoutreach 

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 Sunday sermon videos- 

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.


.Isaiah’s vision

.Brief history of war

.Mosul- Iraq


.Mosul [why so little coverage of the civilian deaths?]

.Jesus end times teaching

.Hacksaw Ridge

.Pearl Harbor



.Winston Churchill



.The bomb

.Joseph Stalin

.Did we need to drop the bomb?

.Where there political motivations [Like the dividing up of territory after the war]?


.Death row story


.Challenge the mindset

.Speak truth 

Update- This Sunday I shared a ‘re-post’ of a past Sunday teaching.

I added the verses below [in the verses section] for the video I made for Sunday [ 1-6-19].

I have missed- or ‘passed up’ chances to to do some of my off the cuff videos this past week-

And I do plan on doing those updates from time to time.

As of now I’m trying to focus on posting videos and posts that teach. [Some sites see here ]

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