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Sunday sermon

Sunday sermon


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John 16:12

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.


.Update- homeless friends

.Truth from desperation

.The prophetic Psalms

.The chronological history of the bible is important

.Old Testament review

.Prophets- Priests- Kings

.Tabernacle of David- what is the significance?

.The Scroll- The set time

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2nd Samuel 24 [Note- I mentioned this video/post on the Sunday sermon video- I figured during the week as I work on the posts- I would make a note to add this video to this post- but sometimes I forget to make ‘the note’- or just don’t have the time to search my sites- but as I was doing the regular posting during the week- this post was next in line as I posted the 2nd Samuel study- so I simply linked it now-

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