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John 4

John 4

John 4:25 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.
John 4:26 Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.

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TEACHING [Past posts below]

Jesus has a long dialogue with a woman from Samaria- he speaks to her all alone- and she’s also from a region that the ‘Jews’ don’t associate with.
Yet- he breaks the rules- and asks her to draw him water from Jacob’s well.
She say’s ‘our father Jacob drank from it- his kids- and his cattle too’!
The well was a source- not just for Jacob’s kids- but for him too.
Meaning- when God grants us a ‘well’ [a source of communication for the truths of God] we too partake of it- like King David in the bible- he went to the house of God when he was on the run from Saul- and ate of the showbread- and gave it to his men.
Paul tells Timothy ‘preach the word- in doing this you will SAVE yourself- and those that hear thee’.
And when Jesus broke bread with his men- he too ate.
The principle is- ministers- Pastors- 5 fold-
You’re not the source- but God is speaking thru you [hopefully] and the things ‘coming out of you’ are for your sustenance too- get it?
Now- the woman has been waiting for the Messiah her whole life- she says ‘we know he is coming’ and she says ‘the way we will identify him- is he will TELL US EVERYTHING WE DID’.
Ok- as he talks to her- he tells her he has some living water [the Spirit] and if she asks him- she will get the water that never runs dry.
So- she asks.
Jesus says ‘go get your husband’ .
Her answer ‘I don’t have one’ [true]
Jesus says ‘your right- you have had 5- the guy you are with now is not your husband- so yeah- that’s true’.
Ok- she’s caught- and says ‘I perceive you are a prophet’
Remember- she is waiting for Messiah- and when he comes- he will TELL HER all that she did- she herself already said this.
The conversation goes on- and Jesus says ‘ I AM HE’.
Now- she clicks- has an epiphany ‘wow- that’s right- you did tell me my past- you did expose my sin- and now I’m able to access the well’.
She goes on and tells her town about Jesus- ‘Come see a man that told me everything I did’.
Actually- he did not tell her everything she ever did- but he did tell her enough- that she knew he was the one.
Sometimes in life- we are seeking the miracles- we want to see God do something- and when the opportunity comes around- we miss out.
Why? Because of our pride- on a recent video [link above- Amos 5] I told a story about a friend who was into the prophetic ministry- following ‘on-line’ prophets and all.
He had stories of when he ran our of gas- somebody gave him gas- and he ‘turned’ that simple encounter- into an angel must have given him the gas.
He went on to tell other stories just as ‘miraculous’ as the angel and the gas can.
Then I told him the story of when I prayed over a dead boy- and God raised him from the dead.
And how the Kingsville record ran a front page story ‘child says he saw the Lord’. And the whole city was rocked- the testimony of God went forth- the paper even said ‘Chiarello was in the room praying’.
Ok- if your looking for ‘the well-‘ conjuring up stories about gas cans and angels- this is a pretty good one- you don’t even have to go on-line to find it.
Yet- my friend said ‘oh- that just a resuscitation’.
Sometimes God brings you the signs you have been waiting for your whole life [like the woman at the well]
And because of pride- we miss it.
Be attentive to the prophetic things happening around you- Paul told Timothy ‘wage a good war by the prophecies that were given over you’.
Yes- God still speaks today- the well is for you- and for those who hear you.
Just be careful- because Jesus was passing thru Samaria on that special day- and the woman almost missed it. [Some sites see the rest here ]