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Camry- lxf- 4956


The vehicle that has been driving around and ‘harassing’ the homeless- is a Camry with the Texas LP LXF- 4956.

I will post the pictures of the vehicle and try to link them to this post.

I am making this public- because I am not sure if he is a cop.

He has been driving behind me- every day for months now- and beeps his horn as he passes me sitting outside.

He circles around and does this every day- today there was a family with kids coming off the bridge- he scared them.

Today was the first time I decided to see who this was.

I simply drove this day to see why he is doing this.

No threats by me at all. He swerved and cut thru traffic and parked in Wal Mart.

That's where I calmly stopped and took the pictures of the car and got the license plate number.

I post this for the public because this man is indeed a threat.

You cannot follow the homeless- and drive them off the road.

You cannot ride behind people- every day- for months on end and loudly beep your horn- over and over again every day for months.

My friends have also identified this same vehicle as the one that harasses them.

Some of the homeless girls are really sacred- how can anyone think for a vehicle to follow the homeless women around is not a case of stalking?

Chief Mike Markle- I am indeed reporting this vehicle right now- he is a threat to the community.

I m giving you the actual plate number of the vehicle.

He has engaged in a non stop harassment campaign- try and look into it if you can.

John Chiarello 5-1-2020